Franchising is a proven method of running your own business. It is freedom in management and administration, but also responsibility for one’s own decisions. Due to our dynamic development, we are looking for new points of sale for the Coccodrillo brand, which is a pillar of the CDRL Group, the owner of such brands as: Coccodrillo, Lemon Explore and Broel.

We are looking for enterprising people with enthusiasm for work and willingness to act, who are able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market and who have their own business. The franchise system is growing in popularity every year. The company’s plans are still related to continuous development and the search for new partners and stores. Collaboration is needed for success. We highly value our partners and we care about the best possible relations. We respect external opinions and always try to work out solutions that satisfy each of the parties. Excellent knowledge of the Polish market allows us to properly select the locations of new stores. When making a decision to expand the network, we are never guided solely by the opportunity. It is always the result of a well-thought-out strategy. The fruit of this way of operation are prosperous Coccodrillo clothing stores, often frequented by customers. The brand has gained a strong and established position and recognition on the Polish children’s clothing market thanks to the high quality of the products on offer. The concept of visual merchandising, developed on the basis of many years of experience, makes the interior of each store a buyer-friendly place.

Over the course of several years of operation, a recognizable sales network has been created that goes beyond the borders of Poland. Worldwide, the brand’s offer is available at 230 points on 3 continents: in Asia, Europe and Africa. There are 244 stores in the country.

Since 2010, the brand’s products have been available in the online store The online store is available in the following language versions; Polish, English, Czech, Slovak, German, Romanian and Ukrainian.

Why is it worth it?


Franchise package

We support our partners

Many years of experience mean that we know the realities of the Polish market and the needs of partners, which is why we offer:

The partner we are looking for?

What we value

Estimated investment amount

Renovation costs depend on the condition of the existing premises. Joining the cooperation involves the need to pay a refundable deposit, which is a security for the goods that the partner will receive as a deposit. The deposit is returned after the end of cooperation.

Basic chain requirements

We are looking for partners in cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants. residents in attractive points in the urban space and in shopping malls. The sales room should have an area of 50-70 sq.m. The agent must have a legal title to the premises, a lease agreement or a deed of ownership. The franchisee must have funds to invest in the arrangement and ongoing operations. The involvement of the Agent in running the salon is welcome. We expect from future franchisees experience in trade and knowledge of the clothing market.

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