245 Coccodrillo showrooms in Poland and 148 in EU countries, 93 outside the EU


Acquisition of new brands: Lemon, Broel, Petit Bijou, Buslik
Purchase of shares: Fikołki
Over 500 Coccodrillo points of sale: 252 in Poland, 147 in the EU, 108 outside the EU.


First-time received the awards: “Forbes Diamonds”, “Superproduct”,
244 stores in Poland and 137 in the EU, 105 outside the EU


Debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
The year ended with 214 stores in Poland and 125 in EU countries.


The Czech and German language versions of the online store were launched.


Launch of an online store with Coccodrillo products.
The number of stores in Poland greew to 162. In the European Union countries, there are already 36 stores, and outside the EU – another 5 stores.


The number of stores in Poland reached 150 (own and franchised)


Openings: 12 own stores, 18 franchise stores, the first OUTLET store in Wrocław
Expansion into new markets: Belarus and Egypt


Opening of 12 Coccodrillo stores
Export to Kazakhstan and Mongolia.


The first agency contract was signed
Commencement of cooperation with new countries: Croatia, Slovakia, Ireland and Bulgaria.


Another 3 stores with the Coccodrillo brand
Expansion into new markets: Germany, Estonia, Romania.


The first store with Coccodrillo’s offer in Mysłowice, at the end of the year there were already 6 Coccodrillo points of sale


Commencement of cooperation with trading partners from Central and Eastern European countries: Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Hungary.


The beginnings of CDRL S.A. go back to the early 90s of the twentieth century, when two entrepreneurs from Greater Poland – Marek Dworczak and Tomasz Przybyła, independently developed their companies in the then undeveloped industry of distribution of children’s clothes. In both cases, from the very beginning, great emphasis was placed on the high quality and aesthetics of clothing, which was a response to the needs of both children and their parents. Unbending faith in the aforementioned values ensured both entities significant development and success in the market competition.


In 2003, there was a breakthrough in the form of a merger of both companies. This is how Coccodrillo Sp. z. o. o. came to be. The activity conducted so far, based on sales by wholesale customers, has been expanded to include new distribution channels. The first Coccodrillo store was opened in Mysłowice, and by the end of the year there were already six such stores, incl. in Gdańsk. Cooperation with trading partners from Central and Eastern European countries: Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Hungary was also started.


The next 4 years were a time of very dynamic development of the newly established company. The sales network developed particularly strongly, both in Poland and abroad. In 2005, the first agency agreement was signed, and in following years, more, which resulted in the dynamic development of showrooms. By the end of 2007, over 50 stores operated under the Coccodrillo brand in Poland. The first outlet store in Wrocław was also opened.


The rapid development of the brand on the territory of Poland went hand in hand with more and more courageous exploration of foreign markets. In 2004-2005, cooperation was established with partners from Germany, Estonia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden and Moldova. In turn, in 2006-2007, the first commercial transactions took place in Spain, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Belarus, Egypt, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.


The years 2008-2014 were a special time for the development of the company. In May 2008, a resolution was adopted to change the company’s name to CDRL Sp. z. o. o. Pianowo was chosen for the new home of the company in the Kościan commune in the province Greater Poland, where offices and warehouses were located. Coccodrillo brand products reached more and more Poles thanks to the further development of the company’s own network and franchise. In 2009, there were already 150 stores operating in Poland. A subsidiary is established in the Czech Republic in order to expand the sales network there.


Another milestone in the company’s development was the launch of an online store with Coccodrillo products in 2010, which allowed it to reach almost every inhabitant of Poland. At the same time, the stationary sales network was further developed – the number of stores in Poland grew to 162. In the European Union there were already 36 stores, and outside the EU – another 5 stores.


2011 was definitely a breakthrough year – the company was transformed into a joint-stock company, creating a capital group. A bond issue was carried out, thanks to which funds were raised for further expansion. A year later, a subsidiary was established to expand the chain of stores in Romania. At the end of 2012, the Coccodrillo chain of stores included 167 stores in Poland and 127 abroad, 113 of which were in the EU.


In 2013, the Czech and German language versions of the online store were launched. A key decision was also made to go public and debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Official debut of CDRL S.A. on the WSE trading floor took place on October 28, 2014. That year was closed with 214 stores in Poland and 125 in EU countries.



In 2015, a new platform for the online store was launched, expanded with new language versions, thanks to which it was possible to start online sales in almost all of Europe. Due to the dynamic development of the Coccodrillo chain, in 2017 a modern warehouse with an area of 2610 m2 was commissioned. At the end of the year, the chain had 249 stores in Poland, 140 stores in the EU and 111 stores outside the EU.


Another breakthrough step in the company’s development was the expansion of its portfolio in 2019 with two new brands: Lemon Explore and Broel. In the same year, the Buslik sales network for children’s goods was taken over, including 44 large-format stores in Belarus.


At the end of 2020, CDRL S.A. manages a network of 243 stores in Poland, 145 in the EU and 87 outside the European Union. The company’s warehouse space in its Greater Poland headquarters is currently almost 10,000 m2.


In 2015-2021, the company received a number of industry awards, such as “Forbes Diamonds”, “Superproduct”, “Product of the Year” or “Polish Brand”. The owners, employees and clients of the company are particularly proud of its extensive charity work. It is particularly manifested in cooperation with a non-governmental organization – the Mam Marzenie Foundation, which since 2018 has received a total of almost 350,000 PLN. In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a series of charity activities was also launched under the #CoccodrilloPomagamy banner.


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