Management board

Two people make up the management board of CDRL S.A.: Marek Dworczak, President of the Management Board and Tomasz Przybyła, the Vice-President of the Management Board.

Marek Dworczak

Marek Dworczak is a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Poznań University of Technology, where he obtained higher education in the field of environmental protection. He has been managing enterprises in the children’s clothing trade since 1990. Until 2002, he managed the company Marco, which a year later transformed into the company Coccodrillo sp. Z. O. O.


From the very beginning, Marek Dworczak was chairman of the board at Coccodrillo, and from 2014, also chairman of the board at CDRL S.A. Over the years, he has managed the enterprise on almost every level of activity and development. Currently, he uses his experience focusing mainly on strategic tasks, such as import management or brand image development.

Tomasz Przybyła

Tomasz Przybyła is a graduate of the Poznań University of Medical Sciences. He has been in the business of sale of children’s clothing since 1990. For over a decade, he managed the Remi company, and was actively involved in almost every area of the company’s activity. In 2003, there was a transformation, as part of which a new company was established, Coccodrillo sp. Z. O. O., In which Tomasz Przybyła still serves as vice-president of the board, as well as in the company CDRL S.A. established in 2014. Currently, he mainly deals with financial management and exports.

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