About us

When in 2003 we established the Coccodrillo company in Pianowo, Greater Poland, we had one goal in mind

– creating clothes that we would like to buy ourselves for our children and in which our children would simply feel good. In retrospect, we can confidently say that this goal has been achieved. Today, as owners of several hundred stores with clothes for babies and children up to 14 years of age, we feel we did our job well. Notwithstanding the warm reception, however, we continuously listen to opinions of parents who know best the needs of their children

CDRL S.A. is a Polish company comprised of the following brands: Coccodrillo, Lemon Explore, Broel and Petit Bijou. It is also a strategic partner of the Fikołki playrooms for children. We manage the Buslik brand as well, under which we run a network of 41 large-format stores with products for children in Belarus. What distinguishes our operation is full engagement at every stage of the product’s existence – from design and choice of materials, through production, to distribution and end-customer service. Our clothes are currently available in 73 company showrooms in Poland, 159 partner points and in 225 foreign stores in Europe, Asia and Africa.
We also sell online, and our online store,, is available in 7 language versions.
The success of our children’s clothing collections has led the company to a place where its shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and the entire CDRL group employs over 1,400 people. We also remember about corporate social responsibility. Campaigns, such as #CoccodilloPomagamy, have allowed us to donate over 454 thousand PLN to charity through the Mam Marzenie Foundation.
Welcome to the world of CDRL.

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