Our shops

Our shops

All of our brand shops are decorated to make our customers feel comfortable. The interiors are bright and decorated with attractive facades. All shops, both company and agency ones, are decorated in the same style. Each shop is also equipped with the same furniture and the exhibition window is changing at the same time. Finding the right clothes from one collection is never a problem.

Our products are presented in very accessible and visible way. As a result, parents can easily concentrate on choosing the appropriate clothes and accessories. Additionally, we try to make Coccodrillo shops highly attractive for our youngest customers. The biggest of our shops are always equipped with special playground corner where children can play board games, read books or take care of coloring books.

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International operations

The company from the very beginning is interested in international cooperation and activity outside the polish borders. Export is today a significant part of the company’s total turnover. CDRL S.A. currently cooperates with about 30 partners from around the world and our clothes are available in 145 foreign stores. We are planning further development of the company outside the Poland. We are looking for new contacts during global fairs and expanding relationships initiated earlier.

First of all is quality. Secondly, original design. Thirdly, functionality and safety.

Every year the Coccodrillo brand prepares clothing for the spring / summer season and autumn / winter, which contains dozens of collections. This is a consistent and comprehensive set, which provides an excellent base of children’s clothing regardless of children’s adventures and fantasies. It includes a variety of lines and outfits, tailored to the specific type of activity. The collections have a very diverse nature and are casual, sporty or elegant. Each has a unique and original style. The clothing is designed for children from 0 to 14 years of age. All the clothes are made from highest quality fabrics. In its activities the brand refers to a child’s world. Everyday learning and exploring the environment by the young children is an inspiration to  improve their product. Practical design solutions make babies’ underwear adapted to their needs at consecutive stages of their development. The particular collections include various accessories such as shoes, hats, tights and socks.  Wellingtons, capes and colourful umbrellas protect from summer rain. Backpacks and bags for shoes are perfect both for school and during holidays trips. The success in the clothing industry depends on many factors.

Clothing designed for children should be nice and comfortable, it should not hamper or restrict the movements of the child’s activity. Thus, the colour palette, the texture of fabrics and the cut of Coccodrillo clothes are consistent with the current trends in fashion for children. The designer of clothes for children must remember that the clothes are then going to be worn by someone who is constantly growing and developing. The child’s safety is particularly noteworthy. The movable elements which the baby could easily remove, tear and even swallow unfortunately, are not used in our clothing.  

Our standards have been adapted to the requirements of the Polish Committee for Standardisation and the European Commission directives in the aspects of both design and chemical composition. One of the most important standards is the safety standard PN-EN 14682 concerning tightening strings in children’s clothing. We also strictly take care so that our producers do not use substances containing heavy metals in making decorative materials.

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