Franchising offer

Franchising is a proven method of running your own business. This is connection of managing your business but also taking responsibility of your own decisions. The CDRL S.A. company, the owner of Coccodrillo brand is looking for enterprising people with enthusiasm and willingness to work. The franchise system from year to year is becoming increasingly popular. The company is planning to develop this system and seek new partners globally.


To achieve success, cooperation is needed. We appreciate our partners and we take care of our relationship, so that long- term cooperation become possible. We respect external opinions and try to work out the best solution to both sides. Excellent knowledge of the Polish market allows us to find best locations for our new shops. Expansion of our stores is connected to our long- term strategy, not dictated by any bargains. Coccodrillo brand has gained strong and stable position on the Polish market of children’ clothes. Thanks to concept of visual merchandising based on years of gaining experience, interiors of our shops are very friendly for our youngest customers and buyers.


In Poland we still develop our chain stores. Number of shops exceeds 237.

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